Blues, Ballads & Broadsides (Songs from the Blue Guitar Highway)

This is Americana music in the broadest sense of the term: blues, ballads, political broadsides, folk, country, bluegrass, jazz, and rock and roll.

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Whistling Past the Graveyard

"This record should elevate him to the Springsteens and Mellencamps of the world." Austin Chronicle This record was produced by Bucky Baxter (Dylan, Steve Earle, Ryan Adams) and features Garry Tallent (Springsteen) and George Marinelli (B. Hornsby)

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Mississippi Farewell

"A historic live recording" Twin Cities Reader. This record was recorded live at the historic Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis with a 10 piece band. It features Metsa's exciting electric guitar work influenced by Jerry Garcia and others.

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Paper Tigers

Dylanesque wordplay in folk, jazz, blues, bluegrass, and rock and roll styles. Metsa's debut album, released in 1984 to critical acclaim, is featured here in a newly remastered version with two bonus tracks: 59 Coal Mines and Virginia (solo-acoustic.)

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Walkin' in a Woman's World

Dedicated to the memory of a young woman who lost her life due to a sexual assault, this single sends the message that things must change if women are to remain safe on our streets, free from harassment and be allowed to reach their full potential.

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Lincoln's Bedroom

This 4 song EP/CD was recorded in 1998. Like Paul, it has some politics, a little lost love, and one of his masterpieces, Christmas at Molly's, a wonderful 12 verse story of Christmas seen through a lost sailors eyes with a rousing chorus!

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