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Paul Metsa is a legendary musician and songwriter from Minnesota. Born on the Iron Range, he has been based in Minneapolis since 1978.

He has received seven Minnesota Music Awards and has played more than five thousand gigs, including forays to Iceland and Siberia.

He lives in Northeast Minneapolis with his faithful dog, Blackie; a dozen or so guitars; twenty-five orange crates of LPs; hundreds of books, compact discs, magazines, and vintage postcards; and several kitchen cupboards full of old cassettes.

“Like the Iron Range itself-and Dylan for that matter-Metsa is a hodge-podge of people, a melting pot of different characters and performers.

He’s a folk singer, a blues singer, a guitarist, a social activist, a Finn, a story-teller, a comedian, a philosopher, a conspiracy theorist and a lounge lizard.”
-MN Law and Politics

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Major works and ongoing endeavors

Blue Guitar Highway - The Musical !

The Sounds and Stories of the Blue Guitar Highway come to life in this newly staged production.

(Stay tuned... more info is coming soon)

Wall of Power Radio Hour - AM950 KTNF

Metsa brings not only his musical prowess and knowledge to the airwaves, but celebrates local arts, culture, and entertainment, featuring guests from all walks of life and from all 50 states!

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Blue Guitar Highway - A Memoir

This is a musician’s tale: the story of a boy growing up on the Iron Range, playing his guitar at family gatherings, coming of age in the psychedelic seventies, and honing his craft as a pro in Minneapolis, ground zero of American popular music in the mid-eighties.

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The Music

Paul has recorded several acclaimed albums and CDs. He performs regularly around the Twin Cities, solo or with a variety of other talented musicians. There's a lot to cover and we're still building out the "Music" section of the new site. Visit here often for updates.


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